sjögren europe

more visibility, attention and solutions for sjögren's syndrome

Sjögren Europe is a European Federation of Sjögren's Syndrome Patient Associations. Its purpose is to get more visibility, attention and solutions for Sjögren's Syndrome by promoting the advancement of knowledge, research, information, treatment and care, by fostering patient involvement and participation in the scientific research, medical, health and political institutions, pharmaceutical industry and social areas, and by increasing awareness about Sjögren's Syndrome at all levels.

next events

July, 23rd 2019

International Sjögren's Syndrome Day


past events

June, 14th 2019, EULAR congress Madrid

Read a summary of our presentation at EULAR:

Oral presentation - PARE abstract session 1

General Assembly:

First General Assembly of Sjögren Europe with members representing Portugal, United Kingdom, Finland, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Spain and Greece. Some members of the Medical Board were also present, such as Prof. Chiara Baldini, Prof. Hendrika Bootsma, Prof. Wan-Fai Ng and Dr Juan Ovalles.
The president of the Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation, Steven Taylor, was keen to participate in this historical event, which we hope will be a milestone of a new era for Sjögren patients in Europe and worldwide.