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dry mouth and saliva in sjögren's

live webinar with Dr Henk Brand

Medical Biologist and Associate Professor
at the Academic Centre of Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA), the Netherlands

Wednesday January 19, 2022, 16:00 CET (check the correct time for your time zone below!)

Sjogren Europe (SE)  is very happy to announce and invite you to our new live webinar about Dry Mouth and Saliva on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, at 16:00 CET (check the appropriate time for your time zone below!).

The management of dry mouth is essential for patients with Sjögren's. The symptomatic treatment has included using air humidifiers, rinsing the mouth with water or mouthwash, the application of a salivary substitute and administration of secretagogues. During this webinar, Dr  Henk Brand will focus on the causes of oral dryness, and the difficulties in developing properly functioning saliva substitutes.

Please check the appropriate time for your time zone:
15:00 BST (UK, Portugal)
16:00 CET (France, Spain, Switzerland)
17:00 EEST (Greece, Finland, Romania)

If you could like to join, please, sign up and register in advance here by clicking on this link. Thank you!

Dr Henk Brand is a medical biologist and Associate Professor at the Academic Centre of Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA), the Netherlands, where he works at the Department of Oral Biochemistry. His research is mainly focused on investigating the protective effects of saliva, causes of oral dryness, and the relation between changes in saliva and systemic diseases. During his studies he frequently collaborates with the Dutch Sjögren’s Patient Association. Henk Brand has written almost 200 scientific publications about his studies.

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